What is Diffuser Jewellery?

Diffuser jewellery is such a unique way of bringing jewellery and fragrances together in a way that looks and smells good. A 2-in-1 combination that offers you something different and with a twist.

Man, woman, busy and on the go or simply wanting to smell great and look great there's a new way to wear your fragrance and accessorize the way you smell with diffuser jewellery.

These specially designed types of jewellery hold your favourite perfume or your favourite essential oil fragrance for a more therapeutic and holistic approach, while slowly diffusing its scent and allowing you to leave a lasting impression on others.

ElleLili introduces diffuser jewellery ranges that are beautifully designed and stylish, catering for both elegant and casual looks for both men and women.

Whether it's from our lava stone range, our vintage collection or our everyday, casual and modern diffuser necklaces and bracelets, our diffuser jewellery allows you to enjoy your favourite scents in a discreet way in a wide range to suit different tastes and occasions.

Accessorising your fragrance with diffuser jewellery is an interesting and new way of wearing your perfume and once more, an added benefit from wearing your fragrances this way is that it is possible to wear a fragrance without it touching the skin.

This is the perfect solution for those with sensitive skin who cannot spray and wear fragrances directly onto the skin due to experiencing negative reactions and irritations, but would still like to have a fragrance close to them whilst the scent is still being emitted from them.

Clever huh!

So if you're someone like me who experiences this problem, diffuser jewellery is a wearable, ideal, fashionable and trendy solution. Gone are the days when you purchase a fragrance and simply spray or wear it the usual conventional way.

As a gift for others or for yourself, diffuser jewellery seems to be the new way to wear your fragrance. It's fun, unique and stylish.