About Us

Inspired for a love of wearing fragrances, but not being able to wear your typical high-street brands directly on the skin, we discovered a new way to wear your fragrance with a twist.

Diffuser Jewellery.

Whether you're wanting to look good, smell yummy, or just simply feel great, diffuser jewellery is a unique and trendy way to now do that.

Creativity ~ Freedom ~ Expression ~ Joy

Through our range of diffuser necklaces and diffuser bracelets, you will be able to wear your favourite perfume fragrance, or to experience aromatherapy benefits throughout the day, your favourite essential oil scents or blends.

ElleLili works to offer a combination of gentle, quality products, both modern and stylish, for men and women, younger and older, sophisticated and hip.

So if you want to avoid the negative skin reactions to perfumes but still be able to wear them or if you simply want to switch it up, diffuser jewellery is a great way to accessorise the wear you wear your fragrance and wear it in style.

This has been a fun discovery and we look forward to adding more products to our range and we hope you do too.