Old-Vintage Circle Star Diffuser Necklace


The Old-Vintage Circle Star diffuser pendant necklace has been made to a high-quality finish and is great to wear throughout the day, any day or every day.

This classic old-vintage inspired style diffuser pendant necklace is specifically designed to allow the slow release of your favourite perfume or essential oil fragrance through its nicely designed diffusion locket pendant.

The diffusion pendant will hold the essence diffusing pad whilst delivering a casual and stylish look with an antique bronze, vintage, rustic finish.

Wear your fragrance in style!

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Diffuser Locket Necklace:zinc alloy & copper / antique bronze / 72cm chain / open & close cover pendant
Diffusing Method:x5 essence diffuser pads / felt / highly absorbent / washable
Style:vintage, trendy, stylish, casual, classic
Who For:women, girls


1. Open the locket pendant.

2. Apply your fragrance to the essence diffuser pad supplied with the diffuser locket necklace.

3. Close the locket pendant.

4. The fragrance will diffuse from the front vented design of the diffuser locket necklace.

5. Apply fragrance as and when needed.

6. You can change the essence diffuser pad or reuse it by lightly hand washing it with a mild soap and air dry.

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